TMR Feeding Mixer

Introduction of LEO TMR FEEDing MIXER

The company introduced the Italian original parts and assembly line production process for LEO Series TMR mixing equipments, its main product types are vertical stationary, vertical traction, horizontal fixed, horizontal traction. Feed mixing high efficiency intake balance, reduce labor intensity. Improve the breeding environment, improve feeding space utilization. This series of product with advanced performance, reliable quality and efficient service to become prepared TMR feed from behind the dragon fighting machine industry enterprises. Products from a single to multiple auger, vertical to horizontal, towed to the self-propelled, fixed to mobile, capacity from 5 cubic meters to 20 cubic various volume, complete specifications, selling more than ten provinces, with a number of patented technologies.

Main Feature:

1. Products in the digestion of foreign advanced technology developed on the basis of a new generation cattle feeding equipment, can a variety of hay, crop straw, silage and other fibrous feed and concentrate directly mixed feeding.
2. To save time and labor, greatly improve work efficiency.
3. Take advantage of a variety of forage and crop straw, does not destroy the fiber component so that feed energy, feed efficiency maximized.
4. Feed mixing high, balance energy intake cows can increase milk production.
5. Improve farm production management level.
6. Improve the breeding environment, improve farm space utilization.

7. Not only suitable for medium-sized farms, but also for family sized farms.

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